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    Razor Cartridges by Tipsy's and Co
    $7.99 or subscribe and save 10%
    Razor Cartridges

    The key to a close, smooth shave isn’t the number of blades—it’s the quality of the blades. Which is why ours are meticulously made from top-quality stainless steel that stays sharper, longer. Our blades handle facial hair effortlessly, for a close, even shave with less tugging, and the moisturizing strip ensures fewer nicks and less irritation. These cartridges fit any of our hand-turned razor handles. As with all our products, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied.

    **Cartridges only; Pairs great with our Razor Handle**

    Hand-Turned Razor Handles

    Swap your mass-made razor for one that’s masterfully made. Tipsy’s & Co. handcrafted razor handles are individually lathed in our workshop by our crew of expert woodworkers, with careful attention to detail. These mini-masterpieces are solid, high-quality handles that reflect an old-school cool. Pair with our triple-blade razor cartridges for a close, comfortable shave. As with all our products, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied.

    Tipsy's & Co Sunrise beard Oil
    $12.99 or subscribe and save 10%
    Beard Oil

    Straighten and style in seconds. Our beard oil is handcrafted to tame your beard, leaving it soft and supple. Made with high-quality ingredients, this non-greasy, fast-absorbing beard oil moisturizes both skin and hair, strengthens strands to promote growth, and leaves your beard flake-free. As with all our products, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied.

    **Please select a scent from the dropdown menu to read about the scent notes!


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Like you, we appreciate what it takes to look good without looking overgroomed. Which is really what drove us to create and curate our collection of high-quality men’s self-care staples. For our bearded brethren, we’ve got the gear to keep facial hair clean, hydrated and subtly styled. For our clean-shaven friends, we’ve got everything needed for a close shave without irritation. And for every guy out there, we’ve got the ultimate body wash and gentlemen’s fragrance. Take a look—we think you’ll agree these high-quality items are exactly what you want to look and feel your best.

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We’ve put together one of the smartest collections for guys who understand that looking good doesn’t mean looking overgroomed.

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